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Do we have to do a workshop?

No. You can choose not to accept the whole package. However, couples report it is worth about 6 months of couple’s therapy and couples have stated it made the work they did in the 12 sessions more helpful.

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What if my partner or I want to see you individually?

When we see couples we do not see the partners individually ever unless there are special circumstances. Those circumstances would be discussed in the initial evaluation. The couple is the client. If one is late we do not start the appointment until the other arrives. If one cannot make the appointment it is considered a [...]

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What is the cost and will my insurance cover it?

You are responsible for payment of services at the time of your appointment. Please call your insurance provider to determine what services are covered. Our office staff are happy to assist you with questions to ensure the reimbursement process is as easy as possible.  We also accept cash, checks and credit cards. [...]

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How often and how long do I come to individual therapy?

This depends on you as a person. Most clients come weekly or every other week. We will not work with someone less than that as doing so is not therapy but more coaching. Research shows that by the 6th to 8th session, clients either stay in therapy or drop out. We find that clients know [...]

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If I come to your office for an initial consultation, what can I expect?

During an initial evaluation, we will ask you questions about your life including what the presenting issue is, how your relationships are doing including friendships, colleagues, family and romantic relationships. We will ask you about your childhood and how you were raised. We will inquire about past emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Questions will be [...]

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How do I know if you are the right therapist for me?

The best way is to ask your questions during our phone conversation and then to come in for an initial evaluation. While we are evaluating you and your circumstances to see if CRSH can help you, it is your opportunity to evaluate us and see if we are the right fit for you as well. [...]

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