FREE WEBINAR: Is your marriage in trouble? Do you feel your life is falling apart?


  • Is your marriage in trouble? Do you feel your life is falling apart?
  • Tuesday, January 25, noon to 12:45 pm EST
  • Facilitator: Dr. Joe Kort
  • Webinar consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion
  • Login information will be emailed to you prior to the webinar.
  • If you are unable to attend, register for the webinar and we will send you a recording of the live webinar.


Do you feel you need professional help, but your life is too hectic to schedule time for counseling? Intensives may be the answer for you.

Joe Kort, PhD, psychotherapist and clinical director of The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health now offers intensive therapy sessions for couples and individuals. Intensives are fast-tracked and targeted therapy sessions designed to help individuals improve their life and their relationships, and assist couples in saving a trouble marriage. Dr. Kort will work privately alongside individuals and couples to get to the heart of the issues you are encountering.

He will work around your schedule to find a block of time that fits for you. He can meet with you for four hours, six hours, eight hours or even an entire weekend (up to 20 hours) for private, intensive sessions, giving you plenty of time to dig in and solve what seems like unsolvable problems.

Intensives focus on specific issues – the ones most impacting a couple’s relationship. These can include communication problems, emotional closeness and passion, infidelity, low sexual desire, and many other issues that will be uncovered in these sessions.

For individuals, Dr. Kort will help with addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, life transitions, LGBTQ+ issues, social adjustment and other unresolved problems.

To learn more about intensives, consider attending a free, 30-minute webinar, Tuesday, Jan. 25 at noon. In this webinar, Dr. Kort will explain what intensives are, what happens in sessions and how these sessions can improve your relationship and your life. During the webinar, you can talk with Dr. Kort and ask him questions to determine if intensive therapy is right for you.

“You deserve to be happy, and through intensives, we can make that happen for you,” Dr. Kort asserts.

Mark this date on your calendar:
Tuesday, January 25, noon to 12:45 pm EST
Free webinar
Facilitator: Dr. Joe Kort


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