Mommy Nearest: When a Mother Sexually Abuses Her Son

Mommy Nearest: When a mother sexually abuses her son There has been much research on girls sexually abused by adult males, and there are many books and research articles on fathers who commit incest with their daughters. Yet there’s little on females sexually abusing children—particularly boys—and especially not their own [...]

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Sexual Fluidity

Sexual Fluidity Can straight men and women have sex with the same gender and still be straight? Can gays and lesbians have sex with the other gender and still be gay and lesbian? How is heteroflexibility and homoflexibilty different than bisexuality? Is Bisexuality real? [...]

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Mixed Orientation Marriage (MOM) and Relationships (MORE): One straight spouse, one LGBT and Sexually Fluid partner

Mixed Orientation Marriage (MOM) & Relationships (MORE): 1 straight spouse, 1 LGBT & Sexually Fluid partner We are beginning a series of videos and in-person discussion groups in Royal Oak, MI titled, "Smart Sex-Smart Love" where we will be addressing relationship issues and sexual issues. Learn more here. The dates and [...]

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